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Volunteer Opportunities

At Fellowship Square, we are truly grateful for our volunteers and for their generous gifts of time, talents, energy, skills, interest, support and enthusiasm. Their contributions are essential to the success and desirability of Fellowship Square as we work together to provide engaging, inspired, vibrant retirement living.

Comprehensive List of All Volunteer Positions By Department

(200+/- positions & 300+/- Shifts in 8 Departments)

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(19 Total)


(42 Total Shifts)

3 Calling Coordinators   10 Performers
4 Calling Captains   14 Receptionists
3 Pianists   14 Assisted Living Resident Visitors
3 Set-up Take-down Team Members   14 Activities Assistants
1 Worship Service Overseer/Liaison    
4 Encouraging Word Librarians  

(28 Total Shifts)

    4 Skilled Blood Pressure Takers

(34 Total Shifts)

  10 Telephone Answerers
12 Maintenance Telephone Answerers   4 Resident Services Advocates
14 Litter Patrollers    
4 Skilled Handy-Persons  

(78 Total)

2 Housekeeping Shelvers   24 Volunteer Group Leaders (for 24 separate groups)
2 Plantings Monitors/Pruners   9 Library Volunteers
    1 Computer Room Monitor

(46 Total Shifts)

  3 Newsletter Proofreaders
20 Continental Breakfast Coffee Refillers   3 Newsletter Collators
26 Meal Time Greeters/Helpers   4 Newsletter Deliverers
    4 Villa Directories Updaters

(22 Total Shifts)

  1 Capacity Building Volunteer
12 Administrative Offices Receptionists   14 Computer Room Monitors
10 Office Workers   5 Lunch Hour Receptionists
    2 Recognition Clerks

(30 Total)

  4 Set-up/Take-down Crew
19 Welcome Program Greeters   8 Quarterly Events Committee Members
6 Concierges    
5 Office Helpers/Deliverers    

My wife Mary and I just love Fellowship Square. We have lived three wonderful years in this former luxury resort, now a luxury senior living community. The accommodations are spacious, comfortable, and kept up to date by a caring and friendly staff. The beautiful dining room and its excellent meals and the many activities are also reasons why we love living here. We both especially love that we have made many friends from all walks of life and all kinds of religious beliefs.

But there's more! We both love that the grounds are so beautiful and that every apartment opens up to them instead of into a dreary hallway. We both have age-related health issues and living in Fellowship Square makes it easier for us to deal with them. Mary takes full advantage of the many senior fitness classes available six days a week. To keep myself mentally challenged, I facilitate a couple of life-long learning discussion groups. We just don't need anything more!

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